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Practical Implications proudly presents “Socrates System” a flexible and easily usable platform which supports professionals such as academic researchers, advisors and marketing practitioners in order to offer their know-how as consultants . Through a sophisticated and solid 4-step methodology experts from different fields become able to map specific profiles, analyze them and deliver detailed reports based on a pre-defined set of comments and recommendations.

  1. Audit


    Map the details depending on the needs of your customers

  2. Analyze


    Analyze the input

  3. Advice


    Make suggestions

  4. Apply


    Ensure the proper implementation of your suggestions


Use Cases


Collecting questionnaires is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks for social researchers since frequently survey participants are not motivated to provide their answers. Practical Implications, through its system “Socrates” offers a flexible solution for mediating this problem.

Using “Socrates” system researchers become able to create additional incentives for potential responders by providing them the chance to receive as award for their effort a confidential personalized report explaining the meaning or the implications of the answers they have provided in the questionnaire they were given. Additionally the system offers an optional functionality allowing responders to anonymously benchmark their answers with those of other survey participants.

The content of each report is unique and automatically developed according to the inputs of the researcher who acts as operator of “Socrates” system. Normally the style of the reports extracted is pre-defined and based on a number of available ready-to use of templates, nevertheless customers choosing the premium packages have the opportunity to order custom layouts. The reports produced by the platform can be either be sent as file to the personal mailbox of the responders or be directly downloaded after answering the questionnaire.

Researchers may also use “Socrates” in order to create on-line questionnaires or send personal invitations to perspective participants of their survey. Researchers who have already collected a number of answers using other systems are able to take advantage of “Socrates” functionality as well by importing their data on it - manually or massively. The platform may then be configured to create reports to be sent to those who have participated in the survey.

Alternatively, “Socrates” can be used by researchers who wish to offer their expertise as consultants and possibly showcase the practical value of their work outside academia. Specifically “Socrates System” may natively create links that researchers are able to attach in their academic CVs or web pages. Those who access the CV or web page of the researchers will be able to click on the relevant links and be redirected to questionnaires which call to be answered. When the respective questionnaires have been completed the system will either create a downloadable report offering directly expert advice to the visitors or keep their contact details in order to send the respective report later.




“Socrates” system is suitable for consultants wishing to provide their advice as experts. Through "Socrates" system consultants are able to organize the knowledge that they already have and use it in a structured manner so as to solve problems of their clients or discover weaknesses that they potentially have.

Specifically the platform set up enables consultants to develop audit checklists and custom questionnaires in order to map the profile of their clients and understand their current status. Consultants can also insert a number of arguments to the system so as to define the suggestions that they wish to provide to their clients. When the questionnaires have been completed the system delivers an extensive list of suggestions as provided by the consultants along side with detailed visual diagrams summarizing the audit results.

The system can either extract reports in restricted pdf or editable docx/pptx/xlsx format for the case that the consultants wish to allow their clients make modifications. The conventional reports extracted can only have specific formats chosen from a gallery of stylish templates. Customers choosing the premium plans have the opportunity to design custom templates according to their very personal needs.

Consultants can also use “Socrates” to provide value-added services to their customers. For instance consultants might offer self-assessment tests to their clients for a fee and afterwards deliver them expert reports with their advice. Alternatively HR experts, occupational psychologists and others could possibly use “Socrates” to develop psychometric tests. Finally consultants may create professional assessment tests for the visitors of their websites and then ask for their contact details as a requirement for providing them the expert reports.


Marketing Experts

In highly specialized markets customers can not easily understand which product or service is more suitable to cover their needs. In that case marketing experts should approach them, train them and help them discover which is the optimal option to choose. Through “Socrates System” it is possible to assess the respective customer needs and propose them the best alternative from a range of different options.

Particularly, “Socrates System” may be customized to investigate customer requirements using sophisticated questionnaires and subsequently create business proposals describing accurately the respective product or service specifications offered in a way that matches to their clients’ needs.Then the business proposal can be either emailed to the respective clients or be directly downloaded.

The style of the business proposals and the respective designs of the emails sent to customers can be adjusted to the specific corporate Identity of each company.


Technical Characteristics

"Socrates" System offers a wide variety of functions:

  • Development of auditing questionnaires using Likert scale, yes/no and multiple choice questions
  • Auditing questionnaires with multiple pages
  • Manual and automated import of survey responses
  • Option to incorporate latent Variables
  • Development of sophisticated custom reports in docx/pptx/xlsx or pdf format using complex graphics
  • Stylish ready-to-use templates for the reports produced
  • Multiple methods of delivering reports


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